Shop Fox W1741 8-Inch Jointer With Parallelogram Adjustable Beds

The Shop Fox W1741 8-Inch Jointer is a full featured 8″ Jointer. It has a powerful 3 HP motor and a 4 knife cutterhead with a precision parallelogram table adjustment mechanism, extra long infeed table, large cast iron center mounted fence, pedestal mounted switch and a built-in locking mobile base.

Shop Fox W1741 8-Inch Jointer Specifications

• Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase, TEFC, 3,450 RPM
• Switch: magnetic w/thermal overload protection
• Table size: 8″ x 76-5/16″
• Tables: parallelogram design, precision-ground cast iron
• Infeed table size: 8″ x 43-3/8″
• Deluxe cast iron fence size: 35″L x 1-1/4″W x 5″H
• Cutterhead diameter: 3-3/16″
• Cutterhead knives: 4 (HSS) 8″ x 3/4″ x 1/8″
• Cuts per minute: 21,400
• Cutterhead speed: 5,350 RPM
• Max. depth of cut: 1/8″
• Max. rabbeting depth: 5/8″
• Max. width of cut: 8″
• Shielded & lubricated bearings
• Precision ground cast iron tables
• Fully adjustable tables
• Single V-belt drive
• Easy access lever adjusted tables with height gauge
• Heavy-duty center mounted fence with angle gauge
• Built-in dust chute with 4″ port
• Powder coated paint
• Approximate shipping weight: 600 lbs.

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Shop Fox W1741 8-Inch Jointer Reviews

There were 11 customer reviews (4.4 star overall): six 5 star, four 4 star, and three 3 star.
I always sort the reviews by newest first to see if there are any common problems. With the Shp Fox W1741 we start out with three 4 star reviews in a row going back to 2011. I’ll list excerpts from the 4 star reviews in the following.

4 Star reviews

Well built tool
Assembly was straight forward with good instructions. Tables were aligned correctly and the fence is solid and true. The mobile base is designed well and is nice to have even if you don’t move your machines around, because it gives easier access to the back panel. I don’t really like the table height adjustment because it is tricky to move the the infeed table in small increments. A hand wheel would be nicer. I would recommend this tool to anyone looking in this price range.

Not Really a Grizzly, but worth the price
I purchased this model because I thought it was identical to the Grizzly G0490 jointer. ShopFox is built by Grizzly for sale through other marketing outlets, such as Amazon. As a “Prime” customer with Amazon I do not pay shipping charges, so I saved a little money by ordering the ShopFox through Amazon.

The ShopFox W1741 has the exact same specifications as the Grizzly G0490. The photos are identical, except for the paint schemes. However, when I uncrated the unit I discovered that the ShopFox W1741 DOES NOT include the serpentine drive belt with the idler pulley that absorbs vibration from the motor and reduces the noise level.

That being said, with limited use to this point, the jointer is very solid, it has great power, and the extra-long in-feed table delivers as expected. The cost/performance ratio is what steered me to the Grizzly/ShopFox unit to begin with, and I am satisfied with the unit from that standpoint. This purchase is an upgrade from my 6 inch Rigid …

5 Star Reviews

I purchased the shop fox w1741 from amazon on 6/13 it arrived 7 days later,The delivery was very smooth they put it right in my garage.He waited as i opened the box for the base and the crate for the jointer and fence,everything was in great shape.It was very easy to put every part together. the only thing was setting the belt tension was a little time consuming. So far i ran about 650 feet of cedar.THis will not be my last shop fox purchase.

very pleased with this jointer
I purchased this jointer based on user reviews (amazon reviews are very helpful). I had become so frustrated with my 350.00 6 inch jointer that I got rid of it. The W 1741 is not perfect but it really is an awesome machine for the money (and free shipping makes it a real bargain). Got it running yesterday and jointed 200 feet of 1 by 8 cedar. Very pleased with the result. Instructions are quite good but no mention of having to unbolt the motor from underneath the stand before bolting on the cast iron table! Tables seem very flat (using a high quality straight edge). I don’t think I have it perfectly adjusted yet but it is producing very flat and straight 8 food boards. I had looked at the 6 inch powermatic machine at Woodcraft and at the grizzly equivalent of the W1741 in the Grizzly catalogue but the shopfox was less expensive. The Grizzly machine looks almost identical to the shopfox. The delivery went well (delivered into my garage). With tools you get what you paid for but in this case you get more than you paid for! Overall I am delighted with this machine and am seriously considering the shopfox 15 inch planer.

Excellent machine for a great price
Just finished wiring this machine up and I have to say I’m impressed. I spent about 4 hours setting it up. The outfeed table was parallel to the cutterhead when the machine arrived, but the infeed table was slightly out. This isn’t a huge deal, as I didn’t really expect either table to be dead on after shipment. I leveled the infeed table to a difference of about 0.001 between each of the cams (yes I’ a little picky) and it cuts like a dream. Ran some cherry and walnut over it and they came out glassy smooth. I even tried a piece of knurled cherry and it blew right through it. Highly recommended.

If you’re looking for an 8-inch Jointer, the Shop Fox W1741 would be a very good choice.

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JET 708457K JJ-6CSX 6-Inch 1-HP Jointer

The JET 708457K JJ-6CSX 6-Inch 1-HP Jointer will square your wood pieces and make them glass smooth every time. This long Bed Jointer offers one of the longest working surfaces in its class.

With the addition of an exclusive auto-set quick change knife system you can replace or change all three blades in a fraction of the time it takes on other jointers.

The Jet 708457K 6-inch jointer is a high-performance woodworking tool and the quick change knife system will save you time and help increase your productivity.

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JET 708457K JJ-6CSX 6-Inch 1-HP Jointer, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase Specifications

• Three high-speed steel quick change knives provide rapid cutting, a superior finish and eliminates the need for a knife setting gauge
• Extra-long heavy-duty cast iron infeed and outfeed tables with precision machined finish
• Built-in rabbeting ledge adds versatility
• Two-way tilting fence with positive stops at 45° and 90° to handle bevel operations
• EXCLUSIVE front-mounted table adjustment hand wheels make quick, easy and accurate corrections
• Industrial push-button controls are conveniently placed for easy access
• Built-in dust chute with 4″ port connects to your collection system for efficient dust/chip disposal
• Center fence controls are conveniently mounted to allow quick adjustments
• Powerful 1HP motor easily handles the toughest jointing tasks
• Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs for increased stability

JET 708457K JJ-6CSX 6-Inch 1-HP Jointer, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase Reviews

There were a total of 51 customer reviews: twenty-four 5 star, twenty-one 4 star, four 3 star, one 2 star, and one 1 star.
Five star excerpts follow.

easy to put together, works great…would buy from amazon again..the free delivery save a lot of money and also the shipping was speedy

I have had this machine for about 6 weeks, and it has been flawless. Pretty straightforward to assemble (the manual is very good), and nicely finished. It runs with a smooth, powerful hum that suggests a solid, quality machine. I have planed and jointed cherry, maple, ash, and cocobolo with good success and without any complaints from the machine. Dust collection with a shop vac is pretty good.
I picked the machine up locally, and so cannot comment on packing/shipping issues.
I’m planning on converting the machine to run on 230VAC. If I have anything to report after that, I’ll amend this review. But so far, highly recommended.

Four star
So far so good. This machine performed pretty well out of the box. The knives did NOT come perfectly aligned as I had hoped, though. Assembly was quick and relatively painless, and it has lived up to its reputation thus far.
Would have earned its 5th star had the alignment been perfect out of the box.

Two star

I bought this jointer a year ago. Originally I purchased a Rikon, but it came with one of the tables broken and you could tell that the metal was cheap and it would not hold up. So, I brought it back and got this jointer with a $50 mail in rebate.

The jointer is well built and looks nice. I’ve used it like crazy and once I finally learned how to flatten a board it has become an indispensable addition to my shop. It is really a work horse. Runs smooth and quiet.

There is only one complaint I have that made me subtract two starts. The problem is I cannot keep the fence alignment at 90 degrees. I tilt the fence back a few degrees and adjust the fence to 90 with a 6″ square and tighten every thing down, the 90 degree stop, the lock nut and the fence adjustment. Every thing is perfect until I start the jointer and then when I look at it the alignment is off just a hair. No matter what I try it will not stay adjusted. It is very frustrating and makes one of the primary purposes of the machine useless, to join boards together. I have to flatten the board then I use my table saw to align the edges to join boards together. Works very well, but I would like to just be able to zip them across the jointer with a pass or two to get the faces square.
If anybody else have this problem I would be interested in hearing how you fixed it.

This review was submitted in 2009 and it is quite possible that Jet solved this problem in recent years. Overall the JET 708457K reviews were quite favorable. It seems to be an excellent addition to most woodworking shops.

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Powermatic 54A Deluxe 6-inch Jointer

Powermatic 54A Deluxe 6-inch Jointer

Designed and built to provide precision and dependability, the Powermatic 54A 6-inch Jointer boasts a cutter-head with “Quick Set” knife system and heavy-duty construction for years of powerful performance. It’s easy to achieve the high levels of accuracy you need when creating flat, straight surfaces for elegant projects.

Powermatic 54A

The Powermatic 54A features a three-knife cutter-head fitted with adjustment cams that make setting knife heights both easy and accurate. Each knife is made from high-quality steel for long-lasting performance. And since the knives are secured by a set of four gib screws and a gib plate, they are easy to change and set.

Generous Table Size and Easy Adjustability

With a width of 7-1/4 inches and length of 66 inches, the Powermatic 54A has the longest tables available in its class, so it provides plenty of support for large work pieces. The tables are precision ground to ensure flatness, and each is mounted on dovetailed ways that keep them aligned through height changes. For added convenience, you can adjust the out-feed table height via a hand wheel mounted below the table.
Additionally, an easy-to-read scale on the front side of the in-feed table allows quick and precise setting of specific cut changes, and a finger-operated gib screw locks the table in position once it is set.

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The Powermatic 54A Deluxe 6-inch Jointer with Quick-set Knives Specifications

  • Cutter-head features three auto-set knives that automatically align themselves
  • 66-inch long adjustable in-feed and out-feed tables provide more working surface
  • 1.0-hp motor offers plenty of power
  • Fence controls are center-mounted for convenience
  • Lockable push-button switch prevents accidental starting
  • The rugged fence is easily adjustable.
  • The Powermatic 54A Deluxe 6-inch Jointer with Quick-set Knives Reviews

    There were 19 reviews. Fifteen 5 star (79%), one 4 star, one 3 star and two 1′s.
    There were many glowing reviews like the following.

    Just set up and ran test run on this machine. Came in two large crates in perfect condition. Assembled in almost no time. Did not require a single readjustment. The extra long in and outfeed tables are the reason I bought this. They are flat and coplanar. Very happy with my purchase.

    … I started to assemble,had it done in about 2 hours with one hour for the floor roller stand. Read the book then checked the setting and everything was perfect from factory couldnt believe it. Fired it up and everything worked great ran some boards and it worked flawlessly. I knew then I had made one of those great purchases. Wife even commented on how quite it was. Looking for a new jointer buy this one, I call it the John Deere’s of jointers. Yes I sold JD for almost 30 years too.

    Just set up and ran test run on this machine. Came in two large crates in perfect condition. Assembled in almost no time. Did not require a single readjustment. The extra long in and outfeed tables are the reason I bought this. They are flat and coplanar. Very happy with my purchase. Delivery man moved all into my garage. DO find a helper to put it together because it would be very easy to drop and damage the machine trying to do this alone. Appreciated that the machined surfaces were not covered in grease, just light oil so cleanup was easy. Do get the mobile base when you order this, it was very heavy steel with adequate locking wheels.

    However, on the negative side, sometimes the jointer may came uninspected at the factory? Read these excerpts from 1 star reviews.

    I am very frustrated right now, so please bear with me. First off found out this was made in china, not the usa, second the screw holes do not line up on a couple of pieces: the moter belt cover and the back cover, not a huge deal but still they should line up. Heres the big one. i spent probably 3 hours trying to get the fence 90 degrees on both ends of the fence, spent time adjusting everything i could think of. The tables were dead on coplaner…

    … Upon assembly, I noticed that a few things were kind of disappointing. The four bolt holes for the belt shield did not line up so we had to do some bending. Not very happy that a simple piece like that took us 20 minutes to struggle with when it should have taken 20 seconds to put four small screws in. Not a big deal but it seems like a simple thing they couldn’t get right.

    Overall the reviews were still quite impressive.

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    Grizzly G0654 6-inch x 46-inch Jointer

    The Grizzly G0654 6-inch x 46-inch Jointer is a full-featured 6″ Jointer with precision-ground cast iron tables.

    Grizzly G0654 Jointer

    Not only can you expect to get the precision performance of the Grizzly product line, but you also get the following extras:

    A “kick stand” mobile base
    Depth-of cut scale with 1/8″ index setting,
    A 4″ dust hood,
    Quick-adjust infeed table hand lever,
    A precision handwheel for outfeed table adjustments.
    And includes a pair of push blocks and a built-in push block storage shelf.
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    Grizzly G0654 6-inch x 46-inch Jointer Specifications:

  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V, single-phase
  • Maximum stock width: 6″
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8″
  • Maximum rabbeting capacity: 1/2″
  • Cutterhead diameter: 2-1/2″
  • Number of knives: 3 HSS
  • Knife size: 6-1/8″ x 5/8″ x 1/8″
  • Table size: 7-1/2″ x 46″
  • Table height from floor: 33-3/8″
  • Fence size: 4-1/2″H x 29-3/8″L
  • Fence adjustment positive stops: ±45° & 90°
  • Overall dimensions: 46″ L x 21-1/4″ W x 37-3/4″ H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 240 lbs.

    Grizzly G0654 Jointer Reviews

    Of the 21 reviews, 18 were 5 star(86% of the reviews), 2 were 4 star and 1 was a 3 star.
    When I sorted all the reviews by newest first, there were 10 reviews in a row that were 5 star. This indicates that all 4 and 3 star reviews were in the distant past. So whatever problems created the three and 4 star ratings were most likely corrected.
    Overall this jointer is really loved by its owners. Note: one disadvantage – you might have to pay an extra $34 in delivery for truck lift-gate service. Although the last reviewer didn’t seem to be bothered by this extra charge.

    There were a lot of issues mentioned in the reviews regarding packaging, and shipping damage.

    “I didn’t experience any of this. The jointer was delivered on a pallet by UPS freight, and the box was in excellent shape. Not a hole, or tear in site. I opted for the additional $34 lift gate service and it was brought in and dropped right where I wanted it in my shop. It came two days earlier than the estimated arrival date, but I was notified in advance, and who complains about getting things early?”

    Assembly did not seem to be a problem. There were some issues with painting at the factory filling holes and making putting screws in more difficult. But that appears to have been fixed in the later reviews.
    The running of the jointer and the final wood products produced are very acceptable as pointed out by the following reviewers.

    “This product has lived up to what I well and is easy to work with. Great deal for the money.”
    “Took a little time but all went smoothly. I found using the instructions step by step very helpful. The hardest part is getting the heavy top onto the cabinet by myself. Once it was assembled I stated making smooth edges and straight boards like a pro! The included vacuum attachment makes using the G0654 a clean machine to use.”

    “I love this thing. I’m a beginner hobbyist woodworker, but have been around and worked with heavy equipment for a long time, and I feel this jointer is built to commercial standards at a hobbyists price. Takes a little while to assemble, although it’s not too complicated, the operation of it is straight forward, and the results are exactly what you bought it for. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.”

    So judging by the reviews this is a much loved and appreciated woodworking tool.

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